Holler Out, for Goodness Sake!

Let’s face it. When it comes to matters of the heart, men are dense most of the time. They are not good at reading facial expressions nor body language. They cannot detect the rise of an eyebrow, nor dilated pupils. They prefer to have words spoken to them in human language, not body language.

Well, if this is what they prefer, and it works, then shout it in their faces. Give them simple and clear verbal instructions. I want this done in 5 minutes. Watch the kid, yes the kid, not the newspapers.  Glaring until your eyeballs hurt won’t make them pay attention. Say exactly what you want, or else they will remain ignorant, happily watching TV and minding their own business in their caves. While we on the other hand are flaiing our arms about, pulling our hair out, picking our eyeballs up and drowning in a pool of tears and anger.

I am no expert, I learnt it the hard way, and I am still learning. If I can learn, why can’t you?  

Those of you lucky ladies out there who have sensitive partners, count your blessings, because the rest of us are writhing in envy…


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