Lil’l Gangsta

Sometimes I wish my eyes are the lenses of a camera, and my brain a hard disk. Then I can just snap photographs and store in my brain, to be shared with everybody else later. Then I would never miss an opportunity to take precious, gone-in-a-flash second photographs, especially of Matthew. The speed at which that kids kid moves is too much for me.

Having said that, we still managed to, over several weeks, capture some photos of Matthew in some “gangster” poses:


Look at his swagger. Like an ah beng. No, we were not playing any music then.

Why? Not happy is it? Wanna fight?

How do you tell Matthew’s Hokkien? He threw the ong lai (Hokkien for pineapple) into the air. Huat huat ah! (For prosperity!)

Eh, go away can or not? I’m talking business la. Big business you know!

An ah beng in the making? Nah, he’s actually sweet. Most of the time…

If I press this button, the TV will explode or not? Cannot ah? Chey…


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