Ain’t no Material Material

I was asked this question out of the blue yesterday: “What would you do if you have S$150,000 now?”

My split-second answer in my mind was “Stick the notes in the bank?”. A second later, I was mentally counting the number of zeroes, and my first instinct remained. Then my heart rebelled, and tried to get my brain to think of alternatives. So I came up with lame answers like “buying a condominium” or “travelling”. In the end, I said what I truly felt in my mind. Stick the notes in the bank.

After one night, I was still mulling over the question. And I begin to hear what my heart has to say.

A new, exhorbitant but comfortable mattress would do for a start. One that promises to give me the best rest after a day’s work, to ease the perpetual aches in my shoulders and lower back.

A massage chair. Spa and facial packages.

Oh, not forgetting a shopping spree to… the bookstore. To start a mini-library at home so that I do not have to bite my nails and wait for the latest books from my favourite authors at the public libraries. And to start one for Matthew as well.

Hmm, I think that’s about all I wish for. Then I shall stick the remaining in the bank…

What would you do with S$150,000?


One comment

  1. Cheryl

    wah… sounds like some kind of beauty pageant question. 🙂 Most of those would say donate half to the poor… ewww.

    My wish list:
    1.) Car!
    2.) Give mama some to stick in the bank.
    3.) Buy all that I need for Kenneth

    I guess that’s all for the time being… I’ll think about it more when I have time… hehehe.

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