Cloud Gazing

Today is a rare sunny day with few cloud covers.

I’m blessed with an office space with windows, where I can look out at the bright and cheerful sky without feeling the heat.

As I take my eyes off the monitor for a moment to look at the fluffy white clouds in the sky, I am reminded of one of my favourite childhood past times.

My Mum was the one who introduced me to cloud gazing.  Knowing what a dreamy and imaginative daughter she has, she played the game of “What do the clouds resemble?” with me.

My memory has become a bit fuzzy, but I could vaguely remember one occasion with her standing beside me while we both tilted our heads upwards to try to imagine what the cloud looked like. Then we would tell each other what we saw. It was really fun and exciting to be pointing out to each other what we had just seen.

Funny as it seems (though not uncommon), when you stare at the cloud long enough, what looks like a shapeless fluff of cotton wool begins to take shape in your mind and soon you can see bears, dragons, angels and whatever your brain conjures up.

My clouds almost always look like animals doing different things, like a dragon spitting water from its mouth, or a pig lying on its back suntanning.

The few moments gazing out of the window brought me back to my childhood, let my imagination run wild, a much needed break from staring at the monitor, and a smile on my face…


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