Second Mid-Autumn Festival

Last Saturday was the 8th day of the 8th lunar month. It is also our second year admiring the beautiful lanterns at the Riverside with Matthew.

Because Matthew sleeps early at night, we reached Riverside way before the sun even showed signs of setting. We had an early dinner at Waraku, where we ascertained Matthew prefers rice over noodles. We let him choose either the pasta or rice set from the children’s menu and he was certain about the pasta.

In the end, he wanted Kelvin’s rice instead, and loved it! Oh well, so much for freedom of choice.


Matthew went “Waaaa” over the colourful display of pretend food after a full dinner.

We couldn’t wait and started walking along the riverside before the sun set and the lanterns were lit.

MaMa’s favourite boys posing with MaMa’s favourite animal, Piggy.

Matt is finally old enough to carry his own lantern. But he’s never too old to hitch a ride on BaBa’s arms.

One photo with MaMa.

Another with BaBa and MaMa and we all went home to zzz…

Mid-Autumn Festival stroll by the Riverside one year ago. So much has changed, yet nothing has changed…


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