A Typical Weekday in PoPo’s House

Matthew spends the majority of the week with his PoPo, where discipline and routine are part of his life.

Though life may be simpler at PoPo’s house, Matthew has no lack of activities to fill his day. Other than his usual wake-feed-poop(maybe)-bathe-feed-nap-poop(maybe)-feed-bathe-feed-bed routine, he manages to squeeze in time to help out with housework.

Directing the adults to where the things are kept, bringing in the laundry, handing out the clothes pegs to PoPo and throwing waste paper and his used diapers into the dustbin. Apparently all these are not enough.

He also manages to pester GongGong and YiYi when they are home, running around the house, and doing the following, amongst others:

Hitting the drum to his own rhythm.

Drawing/Colouring time. The only time other than story time that he’s seated. And quiet.

Hello MaMa, I’m Daad Daad. I’ve been a good boy, will you buy me a present?

MaMa, see? Told you I’ve been a good boy. See my innocent and angelic pose?  MMS-ing you now so it’ll bring a smile to your face.

I love my son…


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