Farewell, My Dear Friend

Who’s bound for the United States to be a happy bride.

Karen and I got to know each other in 2006, when she got transferred to my ex-ex-workplace. From then, I felt that we clicked somehow.

It was always fun with her around, and she livened up the otherwise drab place. I got to appreciate her friendship more when I was expecting Matthew. She took extra care of me, always reminding me to eat well. She was part of a supportive group of colleagues-friends who always make sure I have company to foods I craved then.

My food-and-fun-loving buddies. From left to right: Oonie, Marcus, Karen, myself, Charis and Meixiu

The saddest and most regretable thing to happen was when I made the decision to leave. I left behind a group of like-minded people who enjoyed good food and company.

Karen is leaving for the States on 10 September, and I miss her already. Of course, she’s off to be a pretty bride and I wish her all the best, and may she be enveloped in marital bliss forever.

Bye Karen! Do keep in contact!


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