Ashlynn’s First Birthday Party

Kelvin and I have a small circle of friends, majority of whom have not chosen parenthood as their career choice yet.

So it’s inevitable that Matthew lacks playmates and the opportunity to interact with other children his age. Thankfully Felicia invited us to her daughter Ashlynn’s first birthday party.

Felicia and I knew each other in school, but it was while studying together for our Postgraduate Diploma that we became good friends. She was one of my ‘sisters’ during my customary wedding in 2005, and I attended her wedding when Matthew was still inside me. Matthew, and subsequently Ashlynn, were born in 2007, a few months apart.

Now, Ashlynn has turned one, and the blissful look on Felicia’s faces tells me she’s enjoying motherhood very much. Some photos taken on the day of the party:

Clockwise from left: sweet Ashlynn, Matthew, myself, Vivian and baby Issac.

The kids having a field time.

The happy family. The cake was lychee martini. Yummy!

We left Ashlynn’s party earlier because we had to run some errand. We had dinner at Modestos at Vivocity. The pizza and the foccacia sandwich were simply delicious! No peaceful meal, as usual:

Matthew playing peek-a-boo with the restaurant’s napkin.

The napkin exacting revenge…

All in all, a happy and eventful day out for the Ang family. Tiring…


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