Matthew’s New Room

We have 1 room painted green and another orange in our house, meant to be the kid’s and study room respectively. After the major overhaul where we not only cleared both rooms,  shifted furniture and bought new ones, Matthew’s posessions have been relocated to the orange room. Matthew is still sleeping with us, though.

Hmm, it seems like we did not take many photographs of Matthew’s old room. This is the only one I could dig up (the furniture was shifted again after this photo was taken):

Photo of Matthew’s original room, before he was born.

Matthew’s ‘new’ room

Simple and neat. At least we hope to keep it this way.

Matthew finally has a wardrobe. And inside his wardrobe he has…

His clothes neatly hung up. Bottoms must be on the left, current shirts in the middle and new ones on the left. And no, I’m not the anal particular one…

And in 1 drawer, his diapers lie invitingly, waiting for their turn to wrap around *ah hem!*

And this drawer lies… my collection of wet wipes of different sizes. They look so cute, don’t you agree? Hmm, there seems to be space for more types of wet wipes…

Though it was gratifying to see Matthew’s room take shape, I cannot deny it has been a tough 2 weeks of clearing, dusting, wiping, shifting and fixing up the furniture after work at night. Now we can finally relax a little… Till the next time… there WILL be a next time??


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