Matthew’s Antics at 14 Months

Matthew is showing more and more of his personality, and he never fails to crack us up with his cheekiness and jests.

Running around on the grass bare-footed.

Then smelling his feet to make sure they still smell of grass…

“Where is Mummy?” “There!”

His answer when asked “How old are you?” or “你今年几岁?”

Not content to just sit and watch the adults eat, he wants to be part of the action too.

When all cutlery fails, there’s always the trusty fingers… 

Some other odd behaviour: 


Practising ballet? Tap-dancing? Or just flexing his toes before wearing shoes?

The one who sticks out his head most wins the race. Hmm, future sprinter?

When darkness falls, and all is quiet. Sleeping ON the pillow, and everywhere else on the bed…

In exactly 1 week’s time, this boy will be 15 months old. I look forward to more antics from this 开心果…


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