Though I was really upset earlier on when most of my pigs had to go because of the major overhaul, I have pretty much gotten over it.

Now I look around our house with satisfaction because it is now less cluttered and brighter. Now that there are 3 of us in this house, some things have to go.

All is not lost, however. Some of our collection is still intact and happy to remain to tell their stories:

Bendo figurines we collected over a period of time because each didn’t come cheap to 2 University undergradutes who didn’t receive much allowance. We’d target the next one then pray it was still around when we next visited the store. We each chose 3 of these. Can you guess who’s the real owner of each? From left to right: Chinese Princess, Skateboarder, Vetarinarian, Fireman, Cowboy and Snowboarder

We graduated in the same year in 2003, and this pair of Bendo graduates were our presents to each other.

This pair of Wedding Bendo figurines holds special meaning to us. Having just entered the working force in 2003 as fresh graduates, Kelvin proposed using the ring the groom is holding first. We went on to book for our preferred date to register our marriage. 3 months later, we were married, and this time I had on a real diamond ring. The rest is history…  


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