Memories of Yesteryears

Memories of my childhood and youth may have been longer than yesteryear ago, but once in a while flashbacks come back to my aging mind to remind me of happier, carefree times.

Just as I was reminiscing with my good friend of 15 years (*gasp* has it been that long already?) of our secondary school days last Friday, I received a forwarded email from Kelpy on the same day entitled “For the 70s & 80s babies in Singapore… Good Memories”. The converstation and the email had me smiling to myself and nodding in recognition of the past I shared with many others of my generation.

There were excerpts from the email which I could relate to (there were only so much I did as a boring, introverted child): (as I started writing this blog, I googled and found what I believed was the source of this email at Thus I decided not to publish my list, copyright issues…

But going through the list really brought back some fond memories of my childhood / Primary school days. I would definitely like to share these with the Little One one day, and I hope he’ll be interested to know more, like I am of my parents’ past.

To tell of my past achievements as a zero-point champion, sprinter at Castle (another version of Catching), acrobat on top of monkey bars, owner of state-of-the-art pencil boxes with many push buttons to reveal secret compartments, collector of enough pens and pencils to last 3 lifetimes, yet terrified of the school dental nurse…

I may have lots to share, but will there be interested listeners? Hmm, will my “legacy” die with me? …


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