The Little One’s First Meet Up

A gathering of parents and their little charges could be a tiring yet fun affair.

We went to 1 such gathering last Saturday at the Botanic Gardens. The Little One met up with friends around his age for the first time. Through this gathering, we reaffirmed the Little One’s personality traits:


His love for balls, big and small.


His love for food, and water.

His curiosity towards animals, especially birds, cats and dogs.


His steadfastness. Sitting patiently while his friends were getting ready to take a group picture. All was well unti his feet were accidentally stepped upon by a friend. The ultimatum came when another friend clambered over the Little One in a bid to escape from having to sit on the mat. Enough was enough for the Little One. There was a limit to his patience…


His slow-to-warm nature when meeting others for the first time. Seen here with Isabelle and Jayden respectively.

All in all, we thought the Little One enjoyed meeting up with friends his age. Look forward to more of such gatherings soon…


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