When Momentos (and Memories) are Gone

It’s a real pity, to have to rely solely on memories alone.

Because memories can fade away, but momentos can help trigger those long- forgotten memories and bring them back,  so one can relish in happiness once more.

I’ve always enjoyed peeking into the glass cabinet at home when I was younger. There, standing in a visible corner, are the figurines of a kissing couple bought during my parents’ honeymoon trip more than 3 decades ago. I remembered how much I loved playing with them, and how fascinated I was when I brought the magnetic lips of the figurines together. And remember where my parents went during their honeymoon.

I’ve remained curious about my parents’ past, and the time they spent together, through their school years till now, and I feel it’s a pity they could only tell me bits and pieces of their past. They did not have any other momentos of their lives together to show and tell, only poignant parts that remained in their minds, and spoken at random.

So I thought when I start a family of my own, I would like to preserve as many momentos as possible, so that when the Little One asks of his parents’ past, I can relive them as accurately as possible, with the aid of the momentos.

I regard momentos as part of my past, worth reliving and recounting when I get older. Episodes of happy moments in my life, which I would like to share with the Little One one day. I would not have to rely solely on my failing memory, which seems to be getting worse by the day.

These momentos remind me of the happier times in the past, and to have them removed completely from my life seems to signify taking away the happiness, and leaving only the unhappy memories.  Afterall, unhappy memories have better staying power than happy ones. If I am only left with unhappy memories, how terrible would that be!

Alas! The future seems bleak for my prized momentos, and the time is near to say goodbye to them. If my life dictates that I can only have my failing memory and nothing else to rely on, I guess I have to live with the loss. I hate myself for being helpless, but I hate the situation and something more…


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