Something I relish if I have been in the company of people for too long.

Immersing myself in an enjoyable read, with or without music is pleasurable. Call me a hermit, that’s just the way I am.

It gets tiring to have to socialse with people all the time. At least I feel this way, which has alot to do with my introverted personality. I practically spent my childhood alone, with few peers my age, and only adults as companions. So was it Nature, or Nurture, that shaped my personality? Hmm…

My Mummy told me it was relatively easy bringing me up. Just hand me a book and you would not hear nor see me for hours on hand. Until I’ve finished devouring the book. And become restless for the lack of something to do(read).

No, I do not proclaim to be intellectural. In fact, I’m far from being knowledgable. Intellectural stuff is beyond my brain capacity. All I relish is my own fantasy, dream-like world. My castle in the sky. Where all that exist are the characters in the book, and I am just an onlooker into their worlds. Removed from Earthy existence, and into a fictitious terrarium. Escapism from reality.

I feel my spirits have been lifted, with the opportunity to be solitary during lunch. Visting the library, and chancing upon books that have beautiful covers (yes, I’m superficial, but i’ve been victim to boring books with boring covers too often to not learn from the lessons), and grabbing them greedily. 

It’s Friday, and soon to knock off from work. Looking forward to the weekend with family, and catching up with friends next week. I’m not a permanent hermit, in case you get the wrong idea about me…


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