When the Gloom Lifts

Noticed my recent few postings have ventured over to the Dark Side. This is not good, not good at all.

Well, the way things are, I’m only making myself more miserable since #1 nobody is going to care; #2 nobody is going to care and #3 it’s confirmed: nobody cares. So what’s the point of being uphappy when nobody is going to sympathise with you, lend a shoulder, a listening ear and/or a helping hand?

I must resolve to put myself first over others. Yeah right, been telling myself this over the past few decades, it just doesn’t seem to be working. Perhaps I must harden my heart and give priority to myself. Just like in the airline flight demonstrations, put on my own oxygen mask first, make sure I’m breathing right before I proceed to help others. How wise of them, and how foolish of me not to understand this simple concept. Love myself so that I can in turn love others…


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