Hong Kong Hong Kong…

This was our second trip to Hong Kong over the Vesak Day holiday, 7 years since we last visited it.

We did not manage to take many photos, as we were busy walking, shopping, trying to locate recommended eateries to fill our stomachs. Had our share of yucky meals (yes, it’s actually possible to find them in Hong Kong, much like Singapore, despite the “food paradise” fame).

Some highlights of the trip:

The Ngong Ping 260 Cable Car ride was an experience we’d never be able to find in Singapore. Never mind we had to queue for a long time to buy tickets then join another queue ( which was even longer) to get onto the cable cars, which were jam-packed with tourists. We had fun. The cable car was spacious and stable, despite the strong winds. Hence we neither freaked out (not very much) in the 1 hour or so round trip nor felt queasy because of the height (both the Big One and I go weak in the knees at great heights).


Shops we’d love to go into, but had neither the guts nor the financials that accompany the guts.

We did venture into this shop though, but purely because I was on a mission to locate a bag my good friend Applecow was eyeing. Here’s how we did it: we peeked through the door, saw that there were many customers inside, decided it was safe to go into the shop,  pushed the door open and bravely walked in. We spotted the bag immediately and like horses wearing blinkers, focused only on the bag and picked it up. Before I could locate the price tag of the bag, the salesperson were already on our heels. She was very professional though, and started telling us the specifics of the bag and ranted off the available colours. After we enquired about the price of the bag (*Gasp*), we calmly thanked the lady and walked out. I felt like a country bumpkin…

Well, that’s about all the adventure we had. The rest of the time we were busy shopping. And eating. And having each other for company…


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