A World of Difference

Last weekend was full of revelations and new experiences for us.

We flew to Hong Kong for a short getaway and it was thoroughly satisfying for my shopping desire. Of course, more would have been better, but I’ve got to count my blessings.

Our budget flight was crammed and uncomfortable. And horrid because we booked rather late and the budget flight was not budget at all. 

Hong Kong has changed quite alot in terms of service standards since we last visited 7 years ago. Looking at the quality service now makes me rather frustrated since our hometown has launched the GEMS programme some time back but progress has not been satisfactory in my opinion.

Compared to the last visit where we were only concerned for ourselves, this trip has made us realise that our focus has shifted unknowingly to the Little One. Everywhere we went, we automatically walked towards the childrens’ section first, scanning for items for the Little One. It’s the Little One this, the Little One that. Oh? Time’s running out? I haven’t even shopped for mine! Well, at least there’s something for the Little One…

Now I truly understand why my parents could wear their clothes for years yet I always got new ones. Why they could be frugal where they are concerned, but generous when their children are in the picture…


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