Quirky Monday

Despite my many years of experience as an Earthling, I’m still trying to figure out the quirky side of life.

Never in my life have I seen the need to protect myself from the scorching sun until this month. It dawned on me one day last week that I’m in a very vulnerable age now, and if I do not do something about it, I might live to regret it very soon.

With a steely resolve, I trotted down to the pharmacy last Friday to equip myself with some sun block lotion that’s high SPF, PA etc that I’ve vaguely read about in magazines but never bothered to understand much.

I decided to try the sun block when I went out for lunch today. The sun was scorching as usual, but with my face armour of sun block, I felt I was prepared to battle it.

When I came out of the building, it was… drizzling. And the sun was hidden behind dense dark clouds. Great! Somebody Up There must have heard my resolve, and decided to help me. As I walked, I could not help but laugh at the whole situation…

Earlier this morning, a friend asked through sms how is San Mao (the Little One’s look when he was much younger) now, and I replied smugly that the Little One’s San Mao no more, and he has alot of hair now.

Imagine my shock and the slap to my face when I was home waiting for the Little One to come back from his haircut and he emerged with a style very close to San Mao. Except that his hair was not as short as then, but not far off either.

I better watch what I do or say today, it’s scary how fast things can happen…


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