Huh? Mother’s Day?

It felt like any other Sunday to me yesterday.

No celebrations, no “Happy Mother’s Day!”, except smses from 2 of my friends. I didn’t feel there was anything special about 11 May 2008, it was just another day for me.

To be honest, I haven’t done anything to warrant special attention. The only thing that puts me in that category is the Little One’s birth certificate, that’s all.

But the regretable thing was, the person whom my own birth certificate is regsitered to, didn’t get to spend the day with her daughters as well. As her daughters grew up, my mother found herself having less and less of their time. Silently, she slipped into the background, seen but often not heard.

Once upon a time, she was her daughters’ everything. Now, she’s only a backup. She’s always there when her daughters need her, but not vice versa.

It was only after I became a mother myself, did I truly understand all the sacrifices and sufferings my mother went through, for me, for the family. And it was only after I became a mother did I really want to make up for lost time, but ironically, time was the limiting factor.

Admire the people who can do it all: career, family, self. I can only do my meagre best, without losing myself in the process…

Happy Day to everybody!


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