Labour Day Outing: Sentosa

1 May was a public holiday. We decided to spend the day at Sentosa, specifically the Underwater World.

The Little One was fascinated with a peahen who was busy gobbling down french fries. Being young and free of fears, he was determined to give the peahen no peace and kept walking near it. The peahen, being older (probably) and full of fear for humans (even young ones), kept “running” away from the Little One and it’s prized french fries.


The Little One finally got to appreciate the marine life in the Underwater World. His GrandPaPa carried him and he could see the fish up close and personal.

Unlike the last time we went some 2 months back, when his parents were too tired to carry him and he could only see the belt of the travelator…

A little siesta after all the hype in the Underwater World. The weather was a killer… humid with the scorching sun beating down on us…

Ending the day with a D.I.Y. cow ride at Vivocity. The air-conditioned shopping mall was a hit with everyone. And the Little One was all smiles away from the heat…


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