Birthday Celebrations

Finally, an end to a life-changing year, and the start of another challenging one. The Little One (and the Big One) celebrated their birthday together last weekend.

Day 1: 3 May 2008


The Little One’s meagre presents, which he immediately spotted after his nap. Nevertheless, he had fun with his shape sorter, rumble truck and all.


All smiley and happy to be posing with his rumble truck and YiYi.

Lunch was a simple, and home-cooked affair, all thanks to PoPo. Customary rice vermicelli and red, hard boiled eggs for the Little One. The Big One (and everyone else) had egg, pork ribs rice vermicelli and braised pork buns. Yummy…

Birthday Cake for the Big and Little One. The huge photo collage of the Little One’s 1st year in the background, the Big One’s present to his precious…

It’s play time! The Little One having a field time transferring M & M’s and candy from 1 train truck to another. He stuffed a candy into his mouth in the midst of transferring when he thought the adults were not looking, but decided it was too hard to swallow and spat it out. Later, he stuffed a bright red peanut M & M’s into his mouth, only to have it forcibly removed for safety reasons. Nevertheless, he brought much fun and entertainment to everyone, with his cheeky antics and colour stained fingers.

The birthday boy must have his cake. He almost finished a whole slice before he decided enough is enough. With the sugar rush, he went estatic and wild for a while later on…


No prizes for guessing where we went for dinner last Saturday evening!


“When’s the food coming?”


“I’m starving… weak with hunger…”


“Pretty waitress jie jie, when is my Firehouse sundae arriving? Huh?”


Soon? Goody good! I cannot wait!”


“Yeah! Firehouse sundaes coming right up!”


Not 1, but 2 Firehouse sundaes! Woo Hoo! Sweet ending to a happy day. Almost time for a good night’s rest, there’s more to come the next day…

Day 2: 4 May 2008

HUGE present from GrandPaPa and GrandMaMa. The Little One’s very own “modified” jeep! Anyone needs a ride? You’ve got to step on the accelerator yourself, because my legs ain’t long enough. Yet.


Just because the Little One can’t ride his jeep yet doesn’t mean he can’t have fun. Making faces through the wind shield is also entertaining.

The rest of the day was spent:


Walking around with the fireman hat to match his top,


Commanding a troop of aliens and conducting drills,


Listening to feedback from his men. A military leader in the making?


The Little One’s second birthday cake.


Cake cutting time! Again, again!

After all the excitement and bingeing, let’s do some work out. Music please!


Time for some hip-hop dancing. Follow me!

Alright, that’s all folks! Tune in another time for some groovy action!


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