What Kind of Daughter Am I?

According to the May’s issue of SH magazine, I’m a model daughter to my Mum. Mum’s pride and joy, etc etc. Being a huge fan of trivial quizes and personality tests, it was the first page I turned to in the magazine.

How did I arrive at the conclusion that I’m a model daughter? By following Yes and No questions and arrows all over the pages, and it was fun. My answers went something like these:

I’m very close to my mother; visit her almost every day (thanks to the Little One); I’m attacked by the guilt monster if I feel I’m neglecting her; we love shopping and chatting to each other (she’s usually the listener); I might not be able to remember much of my childhood, but the memories featured her the most, and most were happy ones; she still runs errands for you and pampers me like a princess (a definite, definite YES!, though I’m ashamed to admit it)

And a couple more of such questions and the arrow led me to become the model daughter. Though I’m pleased to be termed “model”, I feel I’m still inadequate.

I remembered when I was much younger, I often did not want to go home because staying with my aunt was fun. Later did I find out that my mum had actually took 2 buses and travelled over an hour after work to pick me up, only to arrive at the door and realise her daughter did not want her. It still hurts me now to remember how much I’ve hurt my parents (especially my Mum) then.

When I started secondary school, my mum gave up her job to stay home to look after me and my much younger sibling. She started standing by the window after I’ve left the house and walked downstairs and waving to me until I walked out of sight. Though it was a simple gesture (some may deem it unnecessary and probably even useless), it kept my spirits up all the way to school. And when I came back from school, she’ll be there most of the time to wave to me as well.

Though I used to care whether people would think I was crazy looking up the block of flats while waving and smiling, knowing my mum would be there to welcome me home made me look forward to coming home. And I did rush home most of the time when school ended, right through tertiary education, and even when I started work.

Now, the tradition has been extended to include the Little One. On the days where I would visit after work, she would carry the Little One and wait by the window for me to arrive within sight. And the Little One now knows how to wave and grin when he spots me. The homecoming feeling is indescribable, and it makes the weariness at work go away a little.

And that was just a snippet of the things she has done for me. In short, I feel I owe my mum big time. No matter what I do now to ‘repay’ her love, it will never be enough for her unconditional love. All I can do is count my blessings and continue to be her good girl, and set a good example to the Little One… Time is really precious…

 The Little One and his PoPo, taken on PoPo’s birthday 2008.

Happy Mother’s Day in Advance, Mummy!!


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