The Little One

I made the hurtful mistake of comparing the Little One to others, abeit momentarily, but I felt the damage was done for that few moments.

Although I only mentioned it to the Big One and not in front of nor out loud to the Little One, I felt guilty that in the few moments, I was blind to the blessings I have.

I must focus on the positives! I’m thankful for:

 His curiosity

 His sense of adventure and fun


His sweet and tender moments (though not to me)

 His ticklish moments

 His ability to learn and mimic

 His cheekiness

 His cool and serious demeanor

With all these and more, how can I not smile when I think of the Little One? And the Big One. And my family…


One comment

  1. yockie

    u know mrs ang, seeing all these pictures of matt really makes me have a lovely energetic baby! :D:D

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