I Stepped on a “Marshmallow”

The ‘crime scene’: my parents’ place

The incident happened last night. Have been snacking at night lately, so feeling peckish (again), I walked to the kitchen, switched on the light and stepped in.

Just as the light flickered on fully, I felt something soft as my foot touched base with the floor. My first thought was “why is there a marshmallow on the floor?”.

I did not remember we had any marshmallows in the house, as nobody at home is a fan of them. So it was really funny to have marshmallow on the floor.

Being the curious me, I turned back to see what I stepped on. To my surprise, I saw something greyish black scuttle at a amazing speed across the floor where I stepped on to the bottom of the fridge. It was a lizard.

A lizard whose time on Earth has not ended yet. To be able to position itself just at the instep of my foot so that it did not get crushed under my huge weight. To “meet” me, who was born with a high instep so it could avoid a crushing death. I guess it’s the human equivalent of being under a car, without hitting the wheels.

I hope the lizard learned its lesson. It should have, after turning greyish black with shock. Look where you’re resting the next time dude!

I have also learned my lesson. Step into the kitchen when the light has come on fully, so that I can see whether it’s the floor, or something else I’ll be putting my foot on…


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