11 Months Old!

Yup, the Little One is 1 month away from his first birthday.

No birthday bash nor party, just simple meals with family.

It’s amazing how fast time has past, or how slow to the same effect. The Little One seems to be outgrowing his clothes fast, yet his weight has remained around 9kg. He has definitely grown taller than the coffee table, bed post and the underside of his high chair and the dining table, yet he’s only hoovering around 74cm.

It’s been months since he started cruising; he’s still cruising now. No doubt he’s standing alone more steadily and for longer durations, and that he could take 2 tiny weeny steps on his own. But he still prefers to crawl around, which is the fastest mode of locomotion for him.

He can nod and shake his head when asked specific questions, and he understands and obeys instructions at times. He identifies certain objects and people and is able to ‘call’ out their names. He’s sleeping less and exploring much around the house, and it’s difficult to keep up with this little “Energiser” battery.

Hope he’ll be able to spring more surprises as the days go by. Highlights of my life….


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