What’s Up Lately

The past week had been absolutely tiring, back-breaking, but satisfying and fun. Because we got to spend quality and quantity time with the Little One. Here’s what we and the Little One have been up to:

The Little One’s latest mini obsession: what’s behind those closed doors? Hello? Anyone in there?

Brought the Little One to the Zoo on Wednesday, 19th March 2008. He was fascinated by some of the animals he saw. He also got the chance to be up close and personal with a pony, a boa python and the above boa constrictor. He was banned from touching the constrictor soon after because he was caught squeezing the poor snake instead of just stroking it… Geez, how embarrassing…


The Little One’s first tram ride on his first trip to the zoo, and ours in ages. Thank you for the wonderful weather and timing…


Went to Sentosa on Thursday, 20th March 2008. The Little One tore up the map of Sentosa and left us clueless of where we were for a while. Till we got hold of another map. Here’s the proud Big One and his precious…

Cable car ride. Scary… for the both of us, but not the Little One. He was enjoying the scenary while trying to squeeze his fingers into the small gaps of the seat…

Father and son monkeying around at the Underwater World.

Lesson #1: do not go to tourist attractions like Sentosa during a long weekend break because the whole place was teeming with people from all over the world. There were more people than fish at the Underwater World itself, and there was no space for a pram, a big bag and a squirming Little One.

Lesson #2: The Little One is too young to appreciate the water and marine life, yet. So it was a real waste of money… *heart ache*

What’s cheap and entertaining to the Little One and us? A piece of serviette paper. Torn up to shreds by the might of the Little One. And one piece decided to plot revenge on the Little One. This is the start of the torment.

And the winner is… the paper! Paper: Here’s what you get for tearing me up! The Little One: Have mercy! Leave my hair alone! I’ve spent hours styling it… Noooo…

All too soon, reality is setting in. The wonderful break from work is coming to an end in a few hours, and it’s back to earning the dough. But fond memories of a truly enjoyable time as a family will linger. Unfortunately, so will the back-ache… Ooo…


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