Full Time Parents

Would be how I’d describe the 5 days of ‘holidays’ for the festive Lunar New Year.

The Little One brought so much satisfaction and happiness to me as a mother, I wished the days did not pass so quickly and I had to go back to work so soon. To care for all the needs of the Little One, to become his favourite person for the 5 days was pure bliss.

Never mind about the back aches and headaches and sore arms and legs. Never mind about the lack of sleep. To see the Little One smile sweetly and wriggle in excitement to spot me more than made up for the physical abuse I suffered. The Little One reaching out for me to carry and hug, rejecting offers from others to carry him, falling asleep in my arms, it’s paradise for me.

Right now, I’m sitting in my lonely office cubicle and wishing I’m right by his side instead of staring at the monitor and typing. I miss the Little One so much…


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