First Lunar New Year (Updated)

As a small family.

I have always enjoyed the Lunar New Year holidays in the past, when I was still single. There are many things to be happy about: my Mum’s delicious steamboat concoction, new year goodies. Being a foodie, nothing beats lifting my spirits and bringing a smile to my face and heart with good food.

This year, somebody did the uplifting of my spirits too: the Little One. We went around visiting relatives and friends with the Little One in tow, and though it was absolutely exhuasting (not to mention missing out on the new year goodies because there wasn’t enough time and energy to look after the Little One and hunting around for things to eat at the same time), I had a wonderful time on the whole.

Snippets of how we spent the Lunar New Year:

Dressing the Little One up festively on Day 1. But I must admit, doing up those 2 tiny Chinese knots buttons on a restless baby took up lots of time, sweat and energy. Lucky there were only 2 buttons… Wonder why they make such challenging buttons on babies’ clothes…

The shirt is really quite ‘ah beng’ huh? But we love it. Cannot meh?

The official Ang (red in the Hokkien dialect; also a Chinese surname) family. Literally, both ways.

Day 2: a dip in the pool, to welcome the cool. The Little One’s first dip in a body of water that’s not this size:

The Little One had lots of fun splish-splashing in all that water. And we had lots of fun watching him have lots of fun.


The Little One doesn’t understand the significance of red packets yet, but he certainly loves their bright colours. So much paper to play with!

“Hmm, with so much paper to play with, Daddy and Mummy, can I stay up a little longer please?”

The Little One went for another dip in a different pool on Day 5. He had more fun this time, now that he knew what he could do in the water. With the float of course…


The Little One was more confident the second time in the pool. But he ‘paid’ for his daring acts, drinking a few mouthfuls of water as he splished and splashed harder than the first time.


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