Here We Go Down the Memory Lane, the Memory Lane, the Memory Lane…

4 February 2008, yesterday. The Little One’s 9 months old.

Here’s a record for my failing memory:

18 months ago, August 2006: I first conceived the Little One. Oh my gosh, has it really been that long ago? Everything is fast becoming a blur of events…

9 months ago, May 2007: The Little One’s arrival. While I was still zonked out from the general anaesthesia, I was rudely and painfully shaken awake and somebody telling me “your baby is out” or something of that sort. Ya, ya, but I still want to sleep…

Then I remembered being bodily transferred from 1 bed to another. My whole body felt leaden and every part hurt from the movement. I was pushed along past rows and rows of lights making my eyes painful and my head spin. Every jolt sent shots of pain through my body. Then I thought I heard voices of the Big One and my family members. Another bodily transfer, while I was moaning in pain to nobody in particular.

Then I heard the Big One’s voice telling me “Our son’s born” or something like that. I couldn’t open my eyes properly nor focus well, but I promptly burst into tears, and was promptly told off by my Mum I wasn’t supposed to cry. I remembered the Big One’s voice was teary as well. That was the beginning of official motherhood for me. The rest (all of it actually) is history…


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