Nope, He Ain’t 1 Year Old Yet

“How old is he? 1 year plus?”

“He’s 1 year old already?”

Ehhh, nope. The Little One is only going to be 9 months soon. “WHAT??!!” “But he looks so…”

We know, the Little One does look mature for his age. We also know we dress him up a little mature too. Tops and bottoms for the Little One has been the order of the day since he was 4 or 5 months old.

Seriously, he doesn’t look young at all?

His latest photo, taken yesterday, 27 Aug. In his new ‘9 – 12 months’ T-shirt, and ‘6 – 9 months’ pants. Newly acquired haircut, in preparation for the Lunar New Year.

Looking all grown up and bossy in his ‘infant – toddler’ car seat.

On a separate note, here’s evidence on the typical day in the life of the mischievious Little One:

Climbing the high chair, instead of being strapped and seated in it. “Is that the camera I’m seeing?” “Let me have a closer look.”

“*Gasp!* It’s the camera! Quick! I need to get down and pretend to be a good boy…”

The ‘ah beng’ in the Little One is becoming more obvious as the days pass by. “Take that, camera! Stop catching me in action!”


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