The Wonder Sling

An update: my second venture out with the Little One in the sling. Still not out alone, unfortunately.

Except for feeling warm throughout the day with the Little One snug against me, the achy shoulder and leaden right arm, travelling around has become more convenient.

Have I mentioned that Hubby said to ditch the pram for good for now? My poor, battered body…

No man is an island. Especially true when it comes to first-time motherhood.

Finally met up with a group of mothers I’ve been virtual friends with throughout most of my pregnancy and then motherhood. The camaraderie was heartening, and reassuring that I’m on track as a Mummy.

These super mums are mostly stay-at-home mums whose 24/7 job is to take care of their kids. I appluad their energy, sacrifice and toughness. The ease they go out with their babies is amazing! 1 heavy bag (mums tend to carry the heaviest bags in the world), the stroller maneuvered with 1 hand, baby in sling and off they go.

Me? Before meeting them I have never ever gone out alone with the Little One. I do not have the confidence to handle the wiggling, restless Little One while carrying him, the heavy bag and the stroller.

After these super mums showed me the ease of using the sling to transport their babies around, I was inspired. That same day, I went home and dug out the hand-me-down sling I inherited before the Little One was born.

After struggling with the loops and tightening the sling, I then took the unwilling and struggling Little One and practised putting him in and out of the sling. He probably thought I was torturing him, because he kept protesting and raising his hands for PoPo to rescue him from the clutches of his evil Mummy.

After much pespiration from Mummy and the Little One, I finally got the sling to fit the Little One somewhat properly. So on to the next stage: product testing.

Brought the Little One out for breakfast, eye-check and shopping on the ‘new’ sling. It worked! My hands were free for once, and the Little One didn’t struggle that much compared to carrying him in my arms. In fact, the Little One was pretty comfortable being a koala bear, and he actually fell asleep on 2 occasions in the sling! I felt so loved by the Little One that day, even when he left perspiration marks on my shirt because it was warm in the sling.

Hubby might puke if he reads this post, as I have been singing praises of the sling for the entire weekend. Not so much about pestering him to let me buy another better fitting sling, but to highlight how ignorant we have been. Because we didn’t know how to use the sling at the beginning, we gave up on an important hands-free tool.

Ahhh… the power of peer support…


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