Retail Therapy

I’ve forgotten how it feels like to have time off for myself.

Time spent entirely for my own selfish means, without the Little One and Hubby. Gosh, has it been over a year since I did that?

For once since the third trimester, I did not stop by any shop selling baby stuff. Granted, I did spy Mothercare while walking with my friend, and I was really tempted to go in.

But I curbed the urge and walked on, into shops where I could find my stuff instead. In the unisex shops, I did walk over to the men’s section, looking at what I could get for Hubby. Nothing interesting enough.

Didn’t realise how theraputic it could be, to walk into shop after shop, fiddle with the clothes, find out what’s in fashion nowadays, price hikes and discounts, pay for items (oops) and walk out.

I manage to deal some damage to the pocket, not as much as I would like/ could afford, but I was rather satisfied with my buys (for the moment).

Look forward to more of such therapy sessions in the near future…


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