Weekend with the Little One

The Little One certainly had an eventful weekend, travelling and accumulating new experiences.

Here’s what he did:

His first taste of yummy Hotcakes at MacDonald’s, West Coast Park. Margarine- & syrup-free.

Up to his usual mischief in between bites.

He had half a piece of Hotcake, he ought to be satisfied. In case you’re wondering if half a piece of Hotcake was too little / enough / too much for a baby, that was his snack. He had milk before leaving the house. Time to work out…

First time on a see-saw. It’s serious business you know. You have to hold on to the handle real tight,

then make sure the bolts are screwed on tightly. And you cannot topple over the front. There, all set and ready to soar!

The Little One’s getting too heavy to carry around for long. So we put him in trolleys whenever we could. Even if it meant getting just a loaf of bread. Don’t be taken in by his pitiful look. He was actually enjoying himself, holding onto the bars and standing.

An advertisement-worthy shot. Of the balloon I mean.

The Little One enjoying the sights and sounds at Terminal 3 in GrandPaPa’s arms.

Goodbye to an enjoyable weekend. Till the next time…


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