Attack of the Cough Monster

The lung-wrenching, projectile-spit-generating cough monster has been perstering me for 3 days now.

Have always preferred getting a running nose to a cough since I was very young. Nevermind about the mountains of tissue papers in the dustbins, or peeling skin from the red and sore nose. It definitely beats coughing my lungs out. Worse still, I always have to mentally rearrange my lungs to their original positions, unlike the satisfaction of breathing air through my temporarily clear nose, even for just a few seconds.

Anyway this time round, this cough monster will first tickle my tonsils, which will become super irritated and retaliate by making me hack. And hack and hack non-stop until I scramble to swallow water and pop open a lonzenge to calm the tonsils.

I have to resort to sucking a lonzenge to sleep, which I have a phobia of. You see, the very smart, then 12 years-old me once went to bed sucking a huge lozenge. As to why they make lozenges so huge for kids still eludes me till today. Anyway, I fell asleep with the lozenge still dissolving slowly away in my mouth. The next thing I knew, I was jolted awake and upright by the feel of the lozenge sliding right down my oesophagus and into my stomach!

Believe me, I’m not exaggerating when I said I actually felt the lozenge land with a plonk in my stomach. And thank goodness it did,  or else I would not be here boring you with my story. So from then on, I never ever leave anything in my mouth before going to sleep anymore.

Until these past 2 days. Of course the lozenges are not so huge anymore, but still I make sure that they are snug against my tongue and hard palate. Only then could I have a few hours of undisturbed rest from coughing. Which I spent in a weird but realistic dream. Sigh

I sure hope this cough monster will go away soon and leave me alone. My lungs are sore and my throat is dry. I would like to speak to the Little One face-to-face again, instead of dodging his face all the time…


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