Belated Past and New Year Sentiments

2007 has come and gone. A year of ups and downs, and firsts for me.

I began 2007 waddling around like a duck, with the Little One growing and developing inside me. Enjoying the privileges of pregnancy (whatever few they might be) and eating to my heart’s content.

New workload for me, took it in my stride and counted down the days to seeing my Little One face-to-face.

Then the Little One’s estimated date of delivery, 30 April, came and went. Decided to watch Spiderman 3 on 1 May on the big screen with Hubby after many months of self-imposed exile from the cinemas, for fear of my bladder giving way. So silly of me, because at full term, I only needed to visit the toilet once. Should have watched as many movies as I liked. Duh…

Then came the birth of the Little One, followed by the worst month in my life in the form of confinement. Oh how I hated the confinement! The ban from baths, hormonal upheavals, sleepless nights, low milk supply all added up to a horrible experience I never want to go through again. Unless I can bathe everyday… (Opps, did I say that? Mum, pretend you never read that)

Back from maternity to work, with the intention to leave already. So there was minimal stress at work, just enjoyed the wonderful company of my close colleagues. The last day of work was a teary affair. It was hard to say goodbye after 3 years, where I’ve made many good friends.

I reported to my new job. New environment, bosses, colleagues, culture. Still learning though.

Finally, I’ve reached the end of 2007. The last day of 2007 came and went like any other day for me. No mood to even go out to party or have a drink.

Spent the entire 1 Jan with the Little One and Hubby, at Mum’s home. 3 adults and 1 baby, all exhausted by the end of the day, more so for the adults.

Seems like the crossing over to the new year no longer holds any importance to me. Is it because I do not foresee any change in my lifestyle or life? Probably. I will still go to work, I will still prefer to spend time at home. I will still see the Little One grow up every day.

On my wishlist for 2008:

#1: The Little One will grow up healthy, strong, curious and adventurous.

#2: The Little One will grow to be closer to me. Right now, I’m probably ranked 4th or worse, behind PoPo, Daddy and GrandMaMa. Or like my ex-colleague used to tell me, ranked the same as the rest of the world when it came to his daughter’s list of favourite persons. Kind of makes me depressed when I think about it, but I digress.

#3: My family, and everyone close to me will be in the pink of health.

#4: My family, and everyone close to me will find happiness in every aspect of their lives.

#5: Last of all, myself. Good health, humour and wit. Hmmm… A windfall? Dream on…


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