The Little One’s First Christmas

The Little One celebrated his first Christmas Day yesterday. He was all smiles most of the day, refusing to nap although he was clearly tired.

Buffet lunch with Mummy, Daddy, GrandPaPa, GrandMaMa and Uncle. He was more interested in the food rather than the bears…

The Little One trying to wriggle his way out of his restraint: the baby chair. The “ah beng” in him: see his foot propped on the tray. He looks likes a boss, too bad his parents aren’t rich nor own a company…

He was happy because he finally got to eat bread. Thank goodness for bread to keep him occupied. If not, there’s no way he’ll remain in the baby chair.

Not satisfied with bread alone, he wanted some plum as well.

Our third family photo together. Check out our tired looks near the end of the day…


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