Funny Little One

Was watching past videos taken of the Little One yesterday night. The Little One has truly grown much over the months!

Back in July, when the Little One was only 2 months old, he was made to sit in his bouncer, with protests limited to kicking his legs around and frowning. He was struggling to lift his head up when put on his stomach, complaining all the time with soft whines. He had to go around in his pram, secure with shoulder straps.

The Little One is 6 days away from being 8 months old, and he has progressed much from then. He protests loudly when you put him in the pram, stiffening his legs so that you have to fight to make him sit in his pram. He hates lying on his back, and every diaper-changing time becomes a race against time and distracting with the pacifier, toys or anything you can think of on the spot, including tissue paper.

Although the Little One is much more difficult to take care of now, there are also much more satisfaction and laughter at his antics, like these:

His latest toy: stacking cups. Which he refuses to see them stacked. With a casual swipe of his hand, and they all fall down.

Standing up. The stool is for support, his real “tool” to get up on his feet is Mummy.

All the Little One needs is a helping hand to stand.

Talking to inanimate objects. See him trying to hear the turtle’s reply after blabbering to it.

Evidence of his ability to roll his tongue.

His smile that can melt our hearts. What else matters in the world?


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