When Four Becomes Three…

My very good friend has officially married overseas yesterday.To Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

To the remaining 3 of us, who have remained good friends since Secondary 1, it is a great loss. Heart ache that we can no longer get together as and when we like, to chit chat, gossip and catch up with one another. That it’ll always be 三 缺 一

Worried that she’s all alone, in a foreign land, with all her family members and friends all in Singapore. Okay, now that she’s married, her family is her husband and his family is hers as well.

It’s just different, without her. Not that we meet up that often, or chat on the phone every week. But it’s the thought that we’re no longer able to meet or chat easily that hurts.

The trip to the foreign place to attend her wedding didn’t help at all. Being the spoilt, pampered city girl I am, who has been brought up in relative comfort, I could not get used to everything else.

Being cooped up for 12 hours in coaches within 36 hours during the weekend wreaked havoc to my temper and patience, not that I have alot of both to begin with. The food was good, the 1-hour massage I managed to get was heavenly. Other than that, the weak-need-my comforts-city-girl in me really has lots to complain about.

And to end off our journey of loyalty and support to our friend, we were caught in a terrible traffic jam at Johor Bahru. We ended up walking to clear both the Malaysian and Singapore customs, breathing in the terrific smells of traffic fumes and polluted waters.

That’s a journey I hope I would not get to relive again. Got to think of better ways and places to meet up with this friend…

My blessings to you nu ren, if you’re reading this. May you have everlasting marital bliss and happiness. And don’t you dare forget about us… 😦


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