Pooping in Action

The Little One provided some entertainment during dinner yesterday evening.

The Little One pooped in his diapers. It ‘s normal you might say, but it’s not the norm for the Little One. Because the Little One usually poops in his potty, or straight into the toilet bowl while suspended in mid air by the adults.

Hence, it was really funny though stressful when he started squirming about in his baby chair while we were tucking into the food. The next moment he was frowning and making irritated and inpatient noises.

Initially, we thought he was just fed up for having to sit in the baby chair for so long. We even tried to pacify him by feeding him more of his biscuits!

The Little One then went all quiet. I didn’t realise what he was doing until his PoPo alerted us to his funny actions.

He was pushing his urm, **** out! Imagine doing it in the toilet (yes, yourself), and then try imagining the Little One doing it in his diapers.

His fists were clenched and he was frowning in total concentration. He was making soft “ngh ngh” sounds to himself and the effort was clear for all to see.

And we knew when he was done with the first round, when he visibly relaxed and unclenched his fists. Then the next round started, less obvious but still funny to watch.

He was active again (Yucks! I know) in his chair when he was all done with his business. Bouncing up and down in his seat, while his Mummy’s mind flashed images of what was happening to his ****, and his butt.

I was stressed and was asking frantically How? How? Should we rush him home? Should we drive home to bring another diaper out? Where to find a toilet? No wet wipes! Where to find water?

Some of these questions were verbally expressed, some were running through my head. Yes, sometimes I ask questions in my head, then get irritated why Hubby never answers me. I digress again. 

Gross I know, but it was really an eye opener to observe the Little One’s many antics. Kudos to brave PoPo, GongGong and YiYi, who brought the Little One home to save his butt.

It was another funny sight to see all the windows in the car wound down halfway to dispel the whiffs emitting from the Little One as GongGong sped home. Funny thing was, the Little One was fascinated with the window and was jumping up and down holding onto the window pane. Again, Mummy’s mind raced full throttle with ****y images…


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