Gloomy Monday Again (and Again…)

I’m beginning to hate this repeat telecast of emotions come Mondays.

Feelings of frustration, low energy levels, and irritation all surface by the time I wake up.

Is this just Monday blues, or the roots of the feelings go deeper? I’m not too sure about it myself. I just question if there is anyone who wakes up everyday and looks forward to work or the day ahead in anticipation and excitement. Why isn’t that someone me?

Job-incompatibility, or life-imbalance? Looking forward to seeing my family and the Little One at the end of the day doesn’t make the wait sweeter. It just makes me more and more frustrated that I cannot be there earlier. Is this a sign I should be a stay at home mum instead? What about the income? How are we going to provide adequately for the whole family if I quit?

Oh dear…


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