Wow… The Little One is Seven Months Old

Wow wow wow. Tempted to make it 7 wows, but I digress.

Just like that. 7 months gone in a piff. And a year ago I was still only 5 months pregnant with the Little One. And the year before that, hmmm….? I do not have a brilliant brain…

So much has happened in so little time. Time seems to become condensed when there’s a young baby (kid) involved. The changing, bathing, feeding, playing, screaming, crying, smiling, laughing (hysterically), kicking, slapping, banging,  staring, frowning, scratching, pinching, sitting, crawling all in a bundle package. A bundle of surprises, to cure work-sickness (as in real sickness, forget love-sickness) at the end of the day.

The Little One never fails to amaze everyone (that is, everyone whom he’s important to) with his antics.

How he’s able to do splits. Bending forward with his legs wide open (think stretching exercises for gymnasts), to reach for something he’s too lazy to crawl towards.

How he’s able to be on all fours then turn 270 degrees to sit on his butt. To be supported in our arms facing us to twist to face outside, then the next second decides our clothes look better up close.

How he able to laugh hysterically for the longest time, but the moment he sees the red flash of the camera, clams up and gives the camera the cold stare. The moment we give up waiting for him to flash a smile, he starts cracking up again.

Same goes for his blabbering. The Little One has inherited the ability to talk to inanimate objects from his Mummy. At meal times, he’d talk to the animal prints on his high chair, probably complaining about how he’s forced to sit in it and watch the adults eat. And eat. And eat. Whereas he could only blabber, slobber up the tray with his copious amount of saliva, and bang on it with his gums (yes, his gums) and hands. And wriggle his leg out of the safety belt.

Supporting himself on a kid’s stool and pushing the stool forward so that his legs can follow suit. And the poor helpless adult has to follow closely behind him. With arms supporting his waist, in a kneeling position. *Ooh my poor back…*

His latest antic: grabbing the edge of furniture and hoisting himself to an upright position. After I showed him where to place his hands and hold onto the edge twice. Yes, I’m the culprit. Now there’s more supervision to be done and more tiring for the supervising adult(s).

But save for the first month, it’s been a wonderful and truly rewarding 7 months for me. Hope I can still say “it’ has really been a wonderful journey through x years of motherhood for me” in the future…


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