Buffet Dinner with the Little One

Was a mistake. Not exactly a big one, but an indigestion-inducing, enjoyment-reducing one.

The Little One’s YiYi has finally finished her exams (how I miss schooling days, and mugging for exams. Call me a nerd, I don’t care) and invited us to join her and her boyfriend for buffet dinner to celebrate “freedom”.

Thinking it’d be fun to bring the Little One out for dinner on a weekday, I gladly agreed. Alright, I admit I was greedy. Hey it’s Japanese cum Asian cum International buffet, how could I resist?

So we went.  With GongGong, PoPo, Mummy, YiYi, Uncle B and the Little One in tow. 

There was a wide selection of food. The food wasn’t mouth-wateringly fantastic, but it was definitely worth the affordable price, not inclusive of customer service. It would have been nice if a couple were to spend time with each other in this restaurant, and share food together and whatever a couple enjoying a buffet meal does.

Because this restaurant is situated in a 3-storey high house on top of a hill, it’s definitely not baby friendly. Imagine carrying the Little One and climbling up and down the spiral staircase, while it was still raining outside. Scary!

Why up and down? First we made payment at the 3rd floor as walk-in guests, then the ‘receptionist’ told us our table number. I walked down the spiral staircase gingerly because the floor was wet and the Little One was blocking my view (he’s gaining bulk and height). When we reached the 2nd floor, we found out from the waiter our table was at the ground floor. So down the spiral staircase again.

When we were shown our table, we found out that the spread of food spanned 2 levels. Sushi, pasta, meats and desserts were situated at the 2nd floor. The rest would be at the ground floor. So people were walking up and down the aisle and up and down the stairs.

Good for working the limbs to whet the appetite and lessen the guilt for bingeing. Bad for a ravenous mother with a cranky baby who demanded to be carried. Because there was so much food but none for the Little One.

The Little One had to make do with sitting in a dirty and greasy high chair, whose safety belt was too tight because the restaurant somehow tied a knot in the belt to make it tighter. Granted the Little One has a little belly in the way, but what about older babies? How could they fit in the safety belt?

The bored Little One did not stay put in the high chair for long. GongGong, PoPo and I had to take turns carrying him around and around, pointing out the names of the food to him.

But a buffet was way too long to make the Little One behave. He started crying and refused to let us sit down. So we ended up carrying him. But I must say service at the restaurant was only limited to staff showing the way and clearing empty plates.

Definitely not a baby-friendly place. I was disappointed when I carried the Little One all the way back up to the 3rd floor to wait for the rest but there were no seats. And the “receptionist” did not even acknowledge our presence. Which got me thinking what would I do to provide service if I were staff. I would probably get a chair for the visibly tired mother with a baby. Just a small thoughtful act of kindness could go a long way.

Anyway YiYi, the Little One says next time you suggest a buffet, count him and his Mummy out…  


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