When You See Me(e), Siam (Avoid)!

Super angry. That was how I felt after a lousy lunch on Sunday.

All because of a bowl of mee siam, one of my favourite Muslim dish. At a food court.

For a pricey amount (compared to superior hawker stalls), all I got was cold bee hoon with lots of chilli oil and 2 stalks of lemon grass. The lady who served it up didn’t even bother to stir the gravy first before heaping the oil floating on the surface onto my bowl, with the lemongrass!

I couldn’t eat it at all, since the potent chilli oil choked me on the first mouthful. In the end, all I ate was the hard boiled egg (which was by now gleaming with red chilli oil), and the soggy bergedil (my favourite, but not when it’s soaked in oil). I was so angry.

More so being angry with myself. Why didn’t I speak up at the stall when I saw the state of my mee siam? Why did I allow unfair treatment, yet get worked up later on?

I allowed the incident to spoil a few hours of Sunday afternoon. I was in a bad mood and was especially intolerant to rude people while shopping for essentials. I was shooting daggers with my eyes at this lady, who used her items to ‘reserve’ a place in the paying queue on the counter instead of joining the proper queue.

Later on my way out of the shop after paying, this lady knocked over some items while still browsing. Instead of helping as I normally would other people, I just turned my back and walked away.

Evil of me huh? Blame it on the chilli oil, but that was no excuse for me behaving badly.

Lucky I recovered in time and did not let the incident spoil the rest of my day. I still enjoyed quality time with both the Little One and Hubby in the evening. Shooting zombies together in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles on Wii. With Hubby, not the Little One. Not yet. Cool…

Well not really cool, as I’m really lousy at the game and get scared most of the time… Yet it’s flattering when Hubby comments that he enjoys playing games with me. Strange comment, when all I do is look at his target instead of mine and shoot into space, all the while thinking my aiming is so good to get head shots. Then yelping in fright when a zombie appears out of the corner. And forgetting where we’ve walked through, and what boss we’ve just fought…


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