New Hairstyle

Yup, evil Daddy and Mummy have brought the Little One for yet another haircut yesterday. This time, the hairdresser could cut his hair real short because he had just woken up from a little siesta in the car ride home and was still dazed.

The newly emerged Little One from a journey through yesteryears… where his GongGong sported this exact same style as a young boy. Even the bamboo-ie highchair completed the ‘oldies’ look.

It’s called the San Mao (three strands of hair) style. It broughts stares and smiles from strangers when we were out at VivoCity yesterday evening. People were openly commenting about his ‘turf’ at the top of his head. I was quite worried that we have put the Little One to shame by letting him have this hairstyle.

But Hubby and I loved it, and what Hubby said was right too. If the Little One can bring joy to people, why not?

Seems like the Little One’s crowning glory has been in the limelight for some while now. Back when he was still sporting this hairstyle,

people were amazed that his hair could defy gravity and stand on its own.

After his first ever haircut, the hair was still standing!

As the Little One is still young and cannot display his individuality yet, his Daddy and Mummy decided he looks much better with really short hair. So from then on, the Little One’s hair just got shorter and shorter after every haircut.

This was after his second haircut. Looking like a new recruit in the army.

Finally, his third and latest style. Cheeky hairstyle to match his cheeky, mischievious nature…


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