Work can really get crazy at times, so much so that by the time I reach home, I don’t have the urge to even go into our study where the computer is.

Nevertheless, I’ve managed to update what the Little One has been up to lately. Pardon if there aren’t exact dates for the photos, as I’m amazed how little information my brain can retain recently.

Dropping by my mummy’s place after work for home cooked food again and to visit the Little One has been the highlight of my weekdays for the past 1 month plus. It’s such a joy to be able to see my parents most of the days of the week now. Of course it’s heartaching to see my mummy exhausted because it’s difficult to keep up with a 8kg (haven’t weighed him yet, though he feels like he’s closer to a ton), inexhuastible bundle of energy.

But it’s obvious my parents are under the spell of the Little One. One moment he can be infuriating, the next he does something to completely melt your heart to the extent of huh? what was it that happened?

We’re now all trying to teach him discipline now. A really uphill climb…


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