The BIG! Little One

Time flies, the Little One is already 6 months old.

Who’d believe that in 6 months I’m reduced to mush whenever I see babies, and that I’ll actually make small talk to them?

Anyway, that’s besides the point. The point is, check the Little One out! Very soon, I cannot call him the Little One anymore… He’s more tallish than chubby


The Little One posing (actually pinching for meagre support) with my favourite toy. He finally got some new clothes to wear.

Here’s the Little One in his favourite pose:

Does he look like a 6 month old? His YiYi’s friend actually thought he’s 1 year old! Oh no, does that mean he’ll be mistaken for an older kid from now on? Looks like we’ll have to start bringing his birth certificate everywhere soon, else restaurants and entertainment centres might demand we pay for him!

Life has never been the same anymore with the arrival of the Little One. So much joy and worries…



  1. yockie

    kawaiii!! 😀 and i cant believe its been 6 months and all i’ve seen are adorable pictures only.zomg.he looks quite toddler-ish actually..o.O aww so cute!! (:

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