Black Black Friday

Oooh… Not only is the sky overcast with grey clouds, my mind is fogged with unnecessary clutter too.

The work day started bad. Actually this whole week wasn’t smooth going at all.

I have been trying my best to learn the ropes fast, but there are so many things and procedures that I’ve never seen before in my entire life (which makes me wonder, are my years spent on Earth wasted?), but the unknowns are so much more than the known.

I feel like I’m playing an RPG without the walkthrough. Every step I take presents me with new obstacles, and every where I go, I walk straight into a steel wall.

The request I submitted has been rejected twice. I think I’ll be bad-mouthed soon, if not already so. Cannot imagine how fast I’d screw up in my new job, this being only my 3rd week.

Hate open cases. Hate SO many open cases at one time. Why can’t the issues be settled fast so that I can bring a closure to them and then pat myself on the back on experience gained and lessons learnt?

Now I can only thump myself in the chest for looking so incompetent, feeling so incompetent, and in the eyes of my boss, probably being so incompetent. Simple things, ding-dong countless times.

Sigh, I have a migraine again. But the Little One is coming home tonight. I need the energy to keep up with the Duracell Bunny…


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