Oh my Little One

Arghh… the neck monster has terrorised my neck again and making it stiff and painful.

That’s how the new week starts for me, neckache. Sigh, how I wish there is a body parts shop for people with problems with their bodies to purchase and change any dissatisfied part. Then I can exchange my old spine for a new one that can last me another 3 decades. Hmm by then the Little One would be in his thirties and I can start choosing a nice coffin for myself, and Hubby too.

The Little One wore us out over the weekend. He has discovered the wonderful world of Winnie the Pooh (actually it’s just Tigger), and now loves to bounce and bounce and bounce. On our stomachs, thighs, pillows, mattresses, anything he can get his legs on. Of course he’s still young to bounce on his own, hence the aching arms and bruised stomachs and thighs of the adults. He’s using us as trampolines and doesn’t give up before we surrender. Really marvel at this Duracell Bunny, when you know all he’s having is milk every 4 hourly.

The Little One nearly cracked my jaw when his head collided with it on one of his bouncing missions. I could literally hear my teeth grind hard together with a sickening “CRACCKKKK” when the top of his head hit my chin. And I was anxiously waiting for his cries to start while enduring the pain in my jaw. The Little One merely did a triple “ngeh ngeh ngeh” before sticking out his bottom lip in indignation his bouncing had to be halted. Gotta ask the paed the next time is something wrong with the Little One? He doesn’t seem to feel any pain…

Another of the Little One’s favourite is to wriggle all over the place. When awake or asleep, he never gives up on his mission to taste every cm of his wriggling space. And you can never tell when he’ll switch direction, or when he’ll flop back onto his back, hence my migraine for having to keep up the vigilance.

Oh and he laughs at silly sounds we make. Not that the sounds sound silly to us, but they get him tickled enough to flash us his toothless grin and sparkling eyes. Because he’s a morning baby, Hubby and I are trying very hard to get him to laugh in the mornings. As if we needed his smiles to sustain us the whole day. Which they did, but not the whole day before exhaustion took over us by the afternoon. By afternoon, because of all the bouncing and wriggling and refusal to sleep, his smiles become fewer and far between. Much more effort is required for us to make him smile again.

By evening he’s tired and cranky, and we cannot wait for him to sleep and recharge for the next day.

I’m missing him. Miss watching all his silly antics and his smells and everything about him. Now counting down the hours to seeing him again this evening. Cannot wait…


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