The Little One: Really, Really Late Lantern Festival

Sigh, that’s just Daddy and Mummy: Slow, slower, slowest!

They finally brought me to the lantern display along Clarke Quay the Saturday after the actual Lantern Festival on Tuesday. After much pestering, Mummy finally has time to upload the evidence.

Well, I admit I wasn’t really an obedient boy that day. But I was out with Daddy and Mummy the whole day! So much to see, so little time to rest, you can’t blame me for being cranky right?

That’s one of my new antics, trying to climb out of the car seat. I dislike being in the seat, with nothing to see except my own feet. Cannot wait to be able to sit facing the front, so that I can enjoy the view outside the car.

Mummy, I want to go to the ‘real’ lanterny place next year okay? I wanna bring my own lantern too, but you carry for me ya?


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